Why Choose Us

Rated #1 Workers Compensation Defense Firm
in California (Gallagher Bassett Legal Score)

Why Choose Us

Our experienced attorneys at Wheatley Firm are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to clients in complex litigation cases. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Expedited Resolution Team

All our attorneys can handle workers’ compensation cases from start to finish but, unlike other firms, our average length a file is open is 5.8 months.  The average length of time a case remains open in California workers’ compensation is just over 4 years.  We quickly evaluate and close files. 

Closing Project Team

We were the first law firm in California to start doing Closing Projects and we remain one of only a handful of firms that do Closing Projects.  A Closing Project consists of a category of cases (age of applicant, year of injury, future medical, pro per, liens, a particular division, etc.) and it’s our job to get them closed quickly and well under the reserve amount. For an example of powerful results, please read this.

Trial Unit

In order to resolve cases quickly and favorably for our clients, the applicant’s attorney needs to know that our firm will go to trial if the case does not settle.  We have several seasoned trial attorneys with many “Take Nothings” and Mr. Wheatley in particular has had over 100 trials. 

Fraud Unit

Workers’ compensation fraud is a serious issue, and we have a special unit to win these cases at trial and then assist the District Attorney, or Department of Insurance, in their prosecution. 

Commercial Litigation

We have extensive experience representing clients in commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract claims, business torts, intellectual property infringement, and other complex legal disputes. We understand how a commercial dispute can disrupt your operations and work to generate cost-effective solutions so that you can obtain justice and get back to doing what you do best; running your business. Our attorneys work closely with clients to comprehend their specific needs and goals, and to develop a strategic plan for achieving their objectives. Whether it involves settlement negotiations or advanced trial advocacy, we are committed to delivering results that meet our clients’ needs. We take pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions to complex legal issues and deliver the highest quality legal representation in every case.

Let Our Legal Team Help You With Your Case

If you’re in need of a legal team with vast experience in workers’ compensation defense, The Wheatley Firm is available to defend your claims across the state of California. Contact us today for a legal referral.